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"We Operate from ”Ashfield Public School, Parramatta North Public School, Toongabbie Community Centre & Quakers Hill Neighbourhood Centre…”.
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"Create A Life Time Love
for Mathematics and Discover
the Genius in your Child"

"Enhance your child's Concentration, Observation, Visualization, Imagination and
Memory skills by Advancing their Arithmetic skills (KG to Year 4)"

Learn our “Rocket Maths (Vedic Maths)” course and become master in Mental Calculations“ in 6-8 months (Year 4 to Year 8)
Advance Course Work
General This course is designed for the children of age group 8 to 12 years old. Child should know the multiplication tables 9 x9 by heart. Child of age 7 can be an exception if he/she knows or have a potential to learn the 1 digit tables i.e. 9 x9 by heart in 3 months of joining the advance batch.
Prerequisite Child needs to know Multiplication tables up to 9 x9 by heart or potential to learn these tables in 3 months of joining the program.
Program Structure
  • This course work is divided into 8 levels. Every level is of 4
  • After every level student's assessment will be done to make sure he/she is good to advance to next level.
  • The total duration of the course work is 30 months (2.5 yrs). Depending upon the performances of the kids, it can take little longer or shorter.
Teacher: Student ratio 1:8 to, have more personal interaction with students.
Benefits of the program
  • Enhance your child's concentration, observation, visualization, imagination, and memory skills by advancing their Arithmetic skills using Mental Math Abacus Techniques!!!
  • Help improve personal and academic performance through curriculum and extra curriculum activities. Comprehend any subject better.
  • Big and Small calculations independent of calculator
  • Boost your child's confidence when it comes to mathematics. - check out parents testimonials and videos of our students performing big numbers with so much ease and having lots of fun with Math.
Highlights of the Advance Course Work

  • Introduction of Abacus and calculating on Abacus for addition and subtraction upto 99
  • Calculating on Abacus for addition and subtraction upto 1000
  • Mental arithmetic (without using Abacus) for addition and subtraction
  • Calculating on Abacus for addition and subtraction upto 10000
  • Calculating on Abacus for "Decimals and Negatives"
  • Multiplication on Abacus upto 3 digit numbers
  • Division on Abacus upto 3 digit numbers
  • Mental Calculation for addition and subtraction upto 10000
  • Mental Calculation for Decimals and Negatives
  • Mental Calculation for multiplication upto 3 digits
  • Mental Calculation of division upto 3 digits
Course contents and duration for "Advance Course" will be different for those students who successfully completes Elementary course and would like to continue learning in Advance course